HDPE applications

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HDPE applications
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HDPE application - aquaculture

Whether used for ornamental fish ponds or fisheries, the main function of HDPE geomembrane is to avoid contact with fish and soil, avoid water pollution, geomembrane can prevent waste from accumulating in the soil, and prevent harmful chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Acidic substances, iron and other harmful compounds enter the pond.  This can effectively protect and promote the growth of fish and reduce the risk of disease.  HDPE geomembrane protects the pond slope from erosion and provides a smooth surface for the pond to easily remove waste from the pond for easy fishing.  Therefore, the geomembrane is widely used in the breeding industry, which not only improves the quality of the aquaculture industry, but also improves the landscape.

















HDPE application - wastewater treatment

Compared to reinforced concrete pools, HDPE impermeable membranes have the following advantages:
 1. High strength.
 2. Good ductility: HDPE anti-seepage film has good surface conformability and weather resistance.
 3. Good anti-seepage ability.

4. Good chemical stability: HDPE anti-seepage film has a softening point of about 121 °C, and the cold embrittlement point is about -120 °C. It has strong resistance to inorganic acids, organic acids, inorganic salts and alcohols. The working life can be more than 50 years.
 5. Has good anti-ultraviolet aging: the carbon black added in the HDPE anti-seepage film formula has the ability to resist ultraviolet light.
 6. Anti-rodent and microbial attack: HDPE anti-seepage membrane is generally not affected by these organisms because no plasticizer is added.
 Based on the above advantages, HDPE anti-seepage membrane gradually replaces the common reinforced concrete structure type, and more and more are applied to major sewage treatment plants.

HDPE application - mine


HDPE application - landfill



HDPE application--tail mine library



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