Blown film process

Production process of anti-seepage pe film - introduction of blow molding process:

1. Three nozzles feed a mold;
2. The molten resin is extruded from a circular die and extracted along the vertical axis, and the formed geomembrane is cylindrical;
3. The columnar material gradually cools as it moves toward the top of the tower;
4. In the longitudinal direction of the cylindrical bubble, through the nip roller and the traction roller, shear, flat film and then roll the film;
5. The cylindrical geomembrane is sheared at the top of the tower and the flat membrane is opened;
6. Perform a 100% electric spark test before the geomembrane is rolled into a roll to detect the blisters on the geotechnical mold;
7. Geomembrane is rolled and packaged.

Blow molding process - white geomembrane

Blow molding process - green geomembrane

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