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HUITEX geomembrane

HUITEX high-density textured geomembrane


HUITEX single/double side textured HDPE geomembrane


HUITEX® HDPE prvides eather HDPE Single or Double Side Textured geomembrane, which is made of premium virgin HDPE resin with textured finishes. HUITEX® HDPE Double-Side Textured Geomembrane has not only the superior features HUITEX® HDPE Smooth Geomembrane has but also provides excellent friction against earth or other geosynthetic material. HUITEX® HDPE textured geomembrane is ideally suitable for the slope lining solution.

HUITEX® HDPE geomembrane is able to meet or exceed the GRI GM-13 standard.

Shanghai Rightway Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is an authorized distributor of HUITEX in China. We are committed to recommend suitable economical environmental geotechnical materials for customers, and provide a series of supporting services such as welding, installation consultation and leak detection, in order to achieve value-added for customers, mutual benefit and win-win situation.







Address:Building 3, No. 12, Mozhoudong Road, Moling Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing  TelePhone:0512-69582846  MobilePhone:17714450993

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