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HUITEX geomembrane

HUITEX high-density smooth geomembrane


Product Name: High density polyethylene smooth geomembrane

Product specifications: 0.5-3mm

Product size: 7-8 meters

          HUITEX® HD Series geomembrane is made of premium virgin HDPE resin designed specifically for geomembrane production along with adequate carbon black, antioxidant, and stabilizers to have superior mechanical properties and outstanding long-term resistance to chemical, ozone, oxidation, environmental stress crack, and UV radiation. 

        Shanghai Rightway Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is an authorized distributor of HUITEX in China. We are committed to recommend suitable economical environmental geotechnical materials for customers, and provide a series of supporting services such as welding, installation consultation and leak detection, in order to achieve value-added for customers, mutual benefit and win-win situation.







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