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Anti-aging ability of anti-seepage PVC film science anti-seepage film!

Anti-seepage PVC film science anti-aging ability of anti-seepage film! The natural aging of impermeable membranes has been of great interest to find ways to protect against UV rays and protect impermeable membranes for long periods of time. In general, changes in material life caused by natural aging and other environmental factors are attributed to aging. Material changes can be judged by studying changes in the mechanical properties of the material. Under certain conditions, changes in material properties can be used to estimate the life of the material.

1. The impermeable membrane is made of high quality polyethylene resin. In order to prevent aging caused by ultraviolet rays, powdery carbon black in an amount of 2% to 3% is added to the material. Carbon black is very effective against the degradation of material properties caused by natural aging for more than 50 years. With high-quality anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-decomposition ability, can be used barely, the material service life is 50-70 years, providing a good material guarantee for environmental anti-seepage. Anti-seepage film can also be used barely, the service life can be long In 50-70 years, the tensile strength is 28MP, and the cold-resistant temperature range is -60 degrees Celsius - 70 degrees Celsius. It can be widely used in the promotion of pools, and the welding property is excellent.

2, anti-seepage film aging is one of the inherent characteristics of polymer materials, can not be completely eliminated, but can take effective measures to delay the aging of anti-seepage film. Measures to delay aging can start from two aspects: one is to add in raw materials Anti-aging agent, which inhibits the effects of external factors such as light, oxygen and heat on materials, such as blending an appropriate amount of antioxidants, light stabilizers and dark carbon black. On the other hand, it takes protective measures in the project, such as minimizing The exposure time of materials in daylight, using geotechnical (required above 30cm thick) or deep water cover.

3. It has high strength, good anti-seepage function, strong deformation, light weight, wide width, convenient construction and low cost. It is widely used in water conservancy, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, urban construction, railway, highway, military, In the anti-seepage project in the fields of agriculture and mining.

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