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Anti-seepage pe film - anti-seepage water, I am enough!

The main function of the anti-seepage pe film is anti-seepage. The two sides of the anti-seepage pe film are non-woven fabrics, and the middle is a white anti-seepage film. The non-woven fabric on both sides effectively protects the middle anti-seepage film and prevents water leakage. It is the middle PE impermeable membrane, and the cloth on both sides prevents the human and animal from directly destroying the membrane in the middle.

The anti-seepage pe film is a kind of application that is very suitable for various performances, and will be very powerfully satisfied and applied in the actual life and application effects in the future. It includes different types of aquaculture membranes and PET polyester welding grids as well as polyester welding grids. It has high rigidity and toughness, good mechanical strength, good resistance to environmental stress cracking and tear strength, and increases with density. There is also a strong use, longer life in use, and fully compliant with the application.

1. Before cutting the hdpe film, the relevant dimensions should be accurately measured, and then cut according to the actual size. Generally, it should not be cut according to the size of the figure. It should be numbered one by one and recorded in a special form.

2. When laying the anti-seepage pe film, it is necessary to find fewer welds. Under the premise of ensuring the quality, try to save raw materials. It is also easy to guarantee quality.

3. The lap width of the joint between the film and the film is generally not less than 10 cm, and the direction of the weld arrangement is generally parallel to the larger slope, that is, arranged along the slope direction.

4, usually in the corners and deformed sections, should be the length of the seam as short as possible. Except for special requirements, in the range of 1.5 m from the slope or stress concentration area on the slope with slope greater than 1:6, no weld seam is allowed.

5. After the anti-seepage pe film is completed, the walking and moving tools on the film surface should be minimized. Any object that can cause harm to the hdpe film should not be placed on the film or carried on the film to avoid The membrane caused accidental damage.

The anti-seepage pe film is completely applicable in various products, including the effect of waterproofing in the future life and durability process, and will be complete in various environments in the future. Has application standards. There is also a higher application in the application, and there will be stability in the future performance, there is a lot of smooth effect. In the smooth effect, it will also be a good long-term advantage, and the application is very powerful.

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