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Geomembrane welding machine function introduction

Geomembrane welding machine is believed to be familiar to everyone. Geomembrane welding machine is one of many welding equipments. The main welding objects are: HDPE, PE-C, PP, LDPE. Grooved geomembrane, anti-seepage film; Mechatronics Design, small size, light weight, field operation has good operation. Double weld lap welding, high temperature control precision, high welding strength, good sealing effect, weld seam leaking weld bead in the middle, automatic crawling can realize slope, vertical and inverted automatic welding.

The geomembrane welding machine is easy to control the welding operation, the weld quality is stable, the weld sealing and welding strength are easy to detect, and it has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, small influence by external climatic conditions, fast welding speed, etc., and has become a geomembrane anti-seepage construction. The choice of flattening equipment.

At present, plastic geomembranes have been widely used for anti-seepage treatment of hydraulic engineering. The main types are polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). The finished geomembrane is generally supplied in coiled material. It can be divided into various specifications according to thickness, width and length. In practical application, the geomembrane is assembled into a large-area anti-seepage layer with a certain shape and size according to design requirements. Therefore, on-site assembly is the main content and also an important part of geomembrane anti-seepage construction. The speed of the flattening determines the progress of the project, and the quality of the flattening is the key to the anti-seepage effect. If there are no pinholes, defects or punctures, scratches, etc., the geomembrane itself will not leak, and due to the poor quality of the joints, the quality inspection is not strict, and the seams are caused by virtual joints, missing joints, and weak joints. Seam leakage is likely to occur, although geomembrane coils have excellent physical and mechanical properties, aging resistance and impermeability, but they also cause the barrier layer to fail. Therefore, high-quality and efficient geomembrane splicing technology, sensitive and accurate joint quality inspection method and scientific on-site construction technology are of great significance for popularizing geomembrane anti-seepage technology. There are various methods for the jointing of plastic geomembrane joints. Among them, geomembrane welding machine welding uses electric heating wedge contact to heat the surface of geomembrane, which has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, little influence by external climatic conditions and fast welding speed.

Geomembrane welding machine function

1. Electric heating system: The heating temperature of the electric heating wedge is controlled by closed loop, and the temperature can be continuously adjusted. The welding is carried out according to the thickness of the material adjusted to the corresponding pressure position.

2. Welding pressure regulation system: continuous adjustment is possible.

3. Transmission system: It adopts two-wheel synchronous drive of upper and lower pressure roller, and electronic stepless speed control. The automatic control system is equipped with a tachogenerator to adjust the welding speed to be constant, independent of load changes. The power is transmitted to the transmission/pressure wheel by three-stage planetary gear reduction.

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