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Precautions for the use of geomembrane welding machine

The geomembrane is welded using a double-drive self-propelled geomembrane welding machine with dual-track hot-melt welding. Where the welder cannot be welded, an extrusion hot-melt welder shall be used, which is matched with a welding rod of the same quality as the raw material to form a single weld seam. The welding process of the welder is divided into: adjusting the pressure, setting the temperature, setting the speed, checking the welding seam, loading the film into the machine, and starting the motor. There shall be no oil or dust at the joints. The joint surface of the geomembrane shall not have any debris such as sediment, condensation or moisture. When there are debris, it must be cleaned before welding.

First, the preparation work before construction:

The preparatory work to be carried out before the formal welding of the geomembrane includes the following aspects:

1. Inspection of the overlap width after lamination: HDPE geomembrane welded joints have a length of 80-100 mm.

2. Before welding, clean the geomembrane surface within the range of about 200mm, and wipe off the dust and dirt with a damp cloth to keep this part clean and dry.

3. There shall be no scratches, stains, moisture, dust or other impurities that may interfere with welding and affect the quality of construction.

4, test welding

Before the formal welding operation, the equipment parameters should be set according to the experience, and a small geomembrane of 300×600 mm should be used for the test welding. Then, the shearing and peeling test of the weld is performed on the stretching machine. If it is not lower than the specified value, the parameters are locked and the welding is started as a basis. Otherwise, re-determine the parameters until the test is qualified. When there is a large change in temperature and wind speed, the parameters should be adjusted in time and the test should be repeated to ensure that the welder performance, site conditions and product quality of the construction and construction meet the specifications.

The criteria for successful or failed test welding are:

When the bonded weld is sheared and peeled, only the film is torn and the weld is not damaged.

5. When the ambient temperature is higher than 40 °C or lower than 0 °C, the geomembrane welding cannot be performed.

6. The distance between the horizontal joint and the slope foot and the high pressure place shall be less than 1.5m.

7. The welding procedure should be followed when welding the geomembrane.

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