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How does the special composite geomembrane maintain stability?

Geomembrane includes: LDPE geomembrane, PE geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, EVA geomembrane, ECB geomembrane, PVC geomembrane, rough geomembrane, composite geomembrane, etc. The special composite geomembrane is a geotechnical product in which geomembrane and geotextile are combined by co-pressing or polymer bonding. The special composite geomembrane has a variety of forms, such as a cloth, a film, a film and a film. The width is 4m ~ 6m, the quality is 200g / m * ~ 1500g / m *, tensile, anti-tear, anti-breaking Such as physical and mechanical properties are high. The product has the characteristics of high strength, good elongation performance, large deformation modulus, resistance to toxin, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and good anti-seepage performance. It can meet the requirements of water conservancy, municipal administration, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, etc. Anti-seepage, isolation, reinforcement, crack prevention, plus the same project needs to be issued. Shan chooses polymer materials and adds anti-aging agent in the production process, so it can be used in unconventional temperature environment.

Special composite geomembrane is applied to different special occasions, its waterproof performance and anti-seepage performance. Laying on the slope requires consideration of the stability of the composite geomembrane and its impermeability. In some cases, the stability of the composite geomembrane is required.

Specifically, the special composite geomembrane mainly has the following characteristics:

The anti-seepage effect is good. The composite film on the composite soil is made of geotextile as the guiding layer, the polymer material is the anti-seepage layer, and is formed by calendering and hot-melt coating. It has unique anti-seepage function, high toughness and excellent chemical resistance. Anti-aging properties are beyond the use of cloth or film.

It is necessary to consider the stability of the composite geomembrane, and also consider its impermeability, so that the drainage of the underlying layer of the composite geomembrane belongs to a smooth state, whether the protective layer is permeable or not, and the thickness of the material needs to be tested one by one. the study.

The construction is simple, the progress is fast, the construction quality is easy to guarantee, and the application fields are wide. Composite geomembrane construction does not require adhesive, one cloth and one film refers to a layer of Shigong cloth with a layer of PE film, two cloth and one film refers to a layer of PE film between two layers of geotextile, two Membrane cloth refers to a layer of geotextile between two PE films. As a good anti-port, anti-surgery, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof material, it has been applied to environmental protection ring B, waste landfill, industrial chemical sewage pool, levee of engineering and engineering, anti-broadcasting of the library, channels, and storage. Pools, artificial lakes, Zhejiang swimming pools, building roofs, underground foundations, various environmental projects, etc.

Different joining processes are for different materials. Do not set welds to avoid excessive splicing. The effect of the composite geomembrane and the construction environment must be firmly connected at the joint, and there must be no gaps.

The interface of the special composite geomembrane should be relatively flat. Do not have sharp objects. Do not set welds to prevent piercing. Avoid excessive splicing. It should be shortened as much as possible, and the connection must be securely connected, and there should be no gaps.

Has good mechanical properties. The special composite geomembrane has better tensile, anti-burst and tear strength than ordinary geomembrane, can withstand sufficient construction period and long-term operation and has high adaptability to deformation.

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