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GSE geomembrane brings you to understand the contrast between imported geomembrane and domestic geomembrane

GSE geomembrane brings you to understand the contrast between imported geomembrane and domestic geomembrane

1 product raw materials

Import: Use new resins to ensure high quality and resolutely free of recycled resins. A geomembrane-specific resin produced by Chevron Phillips, one of the world's three largest petrochemical companies.

Domestic: It is a general-purpose resin produced by domestic or Middle Eastern manufacturers, not for geomembrane.

Recycling plastics are widely used in large quantities, and pulverized doping production greatly reduces product quality and life, posing a safety hazard to practical engineering applications.

2 production equipment

The import adopts full-computer control and internationally advanced automatic production equipment, and the product quality is very stable. The feeding system is fully automatic and very precise and will not pollute the raw materials.

Domestic: Most of the equipment used for the production of plastic film bags is modified, the investment cost is low, and the product quality is extremely unstable. The feeding system is manually operated, which easily contaminates the raw resin, and the quality of the product is affected by human factors.

3 product quality

Import: 100% meet or exceed the GRI-GM13 international standard and China CJ/T234-2006 national standard, and resolutely do not cut corners.

Domestic: Currently, the GB/T 17643-2011 standard is implemented, and some indicators are lower than international indicators. Some manufacturers generally adopt a negative tolerance of -10% thickness, which is far from the standard, and cannot guarantee the long-term supply quality of the product, which is easy to cause hidden dangers to the project.

4 quality control

Import: It has a complete factory inspection mechanism and strictly guarantees the quality of the product without problems. The products have been certified by the International Geosynthetics Association (IGS) GAI-LAP International Independent Laboratory (currently the Soma Malaysia factory in Canada has the only GAI-LAP laboratory in Asia), and each geomembrane produced is processed. Test, and establish a tracking system, the unqualified products will never leave the factory.

Domestic: Most factories do not have complete testing equipment according to national standards, and they are free to fabricate factory inspection reports and falsify. If there is any problem with the product, there is no perfect tracking system.


5 quality assurance

Import: According to the specific application of the project, the international high-quality geomembrane provides a certain period of quality assurance commitment, and each sample of the product is sampled according to the shelf life.

Domestic: no serious and serious commitment to quality, or provide false promises without scientific basis.

Shanghai Laiwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in sales, construction, consulting and after-sales of various geomembrane materials. The company has reached extensive cooperation with geomembrane manufacturers at home and abroad, and can provide customers with suitable economic geomembrane materials to meet the needs of various fields. The company has strong technical support, many doctors of geotechnical materials, experts and overseas returnees. The company also has close cooperation with Hohai University, various design institutes and various research institutes. Including Huiguang geomembrane, GSE geomembrane and so on.

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