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Objectively evaluate the impact of anti-seepage PVC film on the surrounding environment and the ecological Duhui economy

Objectively evaluate the impact of anti-seepage PVC film on the surrounding environment and the ecological Duhui economy! Some public opinion believes : "The water diversion channel of the water conservancy project and the bottom of the reservoir are treated with anti-seepage treatment with geomembrane to prevent water leakage. The groundwater can not be replenished, which may cause the groundwater level to drop. The growth of vegetation will have an impact. "

For this view, our view is to sacrifice precious ground water to supplement the groundwater without any doubt. This was originally a mistake, in addition. Anti-seepage of water conservancy projects, water penetration into the ground. Not only does it cause waste of water resources. It will also cause salinization of cultivated land around water conservancy projects. Crop production reduced, and finally became abandoned farmland. There are too many examples in Xinjiang .

In a broad sense. Because a large amount of clay is not used for seepage prevention, the arable land is protected from soil damage, and the cultivated land and ecological environment are protected. In the "10th Five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" in Xinjiang , the water seepage prevention project is included in the national plan. This fully illustrates the anti-seepage problem of hydraulic engineering. How important is the development of Xinjiang's national economy !

From the perspective of the whole country: Take the large-scale anti-seepage project as an example, the world-famous South-to-North Water Transfer Project in the east, the channel of thousands of kilometers in the mid-line plan has just begun to be implemented; the construction of 80,000 kilometers of expressway has been finalized, and there are still 50,000 kilometers. It is necessary to continue construction; the future high-speed railway will be realized one by one, one by one; the expansion of the harbor. New construction is being started continuously in the coastal areas; bridges across the river will continue to emerge and are closely related to our lives.

Environmental engineering will also become more and more common, not to mention the innumerable small and medium-sized projects that are waiting for geosynthetics to contribute!

According to the statistics of the China Geosynthetics Engineering Association in 2004 , the current national gross output value of the geotechnical industry is estimated to reach more than 1.5 billion. The whole industry has about 1 . 5 to 20,000 employees are employed, and the per capita output value is about 7 to 100,000 yuan. It shows that geosynthetics have formed a career in China; second, in the information age

The per capita annual output value of less than 100,000 yuan is not high. This shows that our production equipment, process technology and product quality have yet to be further improved. Third, the geotechnical composite materials are economically obtained for 4 to 5,000 large, medium and small-scale projects every year . Benefits and social benefits are great. It is worthy of pride in the practitioners!

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