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Main Fields of Application of HDPE Anti-seepage Geomembrane in Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Applications

1 Main areas of HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane application

1 . 1 The purpose of the geomembrane used in the earth-rock dam project is to prevent leakage of the dam or dam foundation, both for the new dam and for the repair and elevation of the old dam, including: ( 1 ) as the upstream inclined wall; 2 ) Double-layer village building, which is used as both inclined wall and upstream covering; ( 3 ) Dam built on permeable foundation, double-layer lining, single-layer membrane as inclined wall; ( 4 ) single-layer covering; ( 5) There is a weak layer or an easily damaged area under the capping part, and a single layer of geomembrane is used for covering. The geogrid or the high-strength, high-modulus woven fabric is used to reinforce the soil; ( 6 ) the geomembrane is used for vertical anti-seepage; ( 7 ) the vertical impervious wall penetrating the dam body, which can be used for new dam or old Dam; ( 8 ) a line-shaped anti-seepage wall, which is extended upwards in the new dam with the filling construction; ( 9 ) the old dam is used as an anti-seepage wall for heightening part of the dam; ( 10 ) A dam with different compressibility materials, using geomembrane to prevent crack leakage on the dam slope at the interface of the two materials; ( 11 ) the old dam leaking water, using geomembrane as the inclined wall; ( 12 ) repairing the foundation hole with geomembrane Wait.

1 . 2 concrete dam project

The geomembrane is used for the repair of the upstream dam surface of the old concrete dam and also for the new dam. The former is when the dam surface of the old dam is used for a long time, the surface is corroded and the water permeability is increased. The geomembrane veneer acts as an anti-seepage effect: it is a good material for the upstream dam surface for the newly-built roller compacted geomembrane.

1 . 3 vertical cutoff walls

The traditional ground vertical anti-seepage measures are the construction of the concrete anti-seepage wall. In recent years, some foreign projects have begun to use the material called the geolock made of polymer material to insert into the foundation to replace the continuous wall, the depth can reach 15m. Or deeper.

1 . 4 channels and pool

There are many examples of using geomembrane as a channel and pool for seepage prevention. What makes sense is. In 1989 , the US Bureau of Reclamation completed a 300m long geomembrane lining test on the Coachella channel in California . The test PC geomembrane thickness is Q75mm , and the 15g / m needle geotextile is adhered to it , and the concrete guard panel is directly placed on it. Each geomembrane has a size of 61mK17 . 9m , the adhesive is tetrahydrofuran. The construction uses a special 160t excavation sloping machine and a 180t underwater laying machine, which are equipped with crawlers and are installed at a span of 31 . 4m across the truss of the channel.

1 . 5 tunnel engineering

Geomembrane is used for both pressureless tunnels. Also used for pressure tunnels. The role of geomembrane in tunnels is mainly to prevent seepage in order to exclude water seepage from surrounding rock fissures. Composite geomembranes with needle-punched geotextiles on the back are often used.

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