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Main features and advantages of HDPE geomembranes

Main features and advantages of HDPE geomembrane :

1. High strength. The yield tensile strength can reach 18 MPa, the tensile strength at break can reach 35 MPa, the peel strength is 31 kN/m, the shear strength is 33 kN/m, and the ductility is good. The yield elongation is 13% - 16%, and the elongation at break is 700% - 800%. It has good surface conformability and weather resistance. When it is truly damaged, the strain is about 1000%.
2. Good anti-seepage ability. The anti-seepage coefficient is less than 1 x 10 -325px/s, which can ensure that the leachate does not leak due to the gasket, pollute the land, the rainwater will not pass through the cover layer of the closure, increase the amount of leachate, and the landfill gas will not pass through the lining. The pad is vented.
3. Good chemical stability, because the maximum temperature of the landfill can reach °C, chemical stability is the most critical factor in the landfill design process, HDPE geomembrane is the best chemical stability of all geomembrane materials, The chemical composition of the leachate in the municipal solid waste sanitary landfill does not pose a threat to the HOPE liner, and the HOPE geomembrane has good corrosion resistance.
HDPE geomembrane softening point is about 121 ° C, cold embrittlement point is about - 120 ° C, it has strong resistance to inorganic acids, organic acids, inorganic salts, alcohols, wakes, stocks, vinegars, oils and fats, can Preventing direct corrosion of these chemicals, it also prevents performance degradation due to absorption and expansion. It also has certain resistance to certain carbon oxides (such as benzene, benzene, spectroscopy and nail waking), only for halogens. Carbon oxides (such as chlorinated benzene and benzene) are less resistant.
The outdoor weathering test started in 1994. The results show that the performance of HDPE material is always good. The transatlantic communication cable was laid in the 1940s and has not been damaged so far. The durability of the HOPE liner buried in the soil and underwater can be reached. More than 50 years.
4. With good anti-UV aging, the carbon black in HDPE geomembrane enhances its ability to resist ultraviolet light, without plasticizer, so it is not exposed to ultraviolet light.
5. Anti-caries animals and microbial attack, various tests have shown that animals and microorganisms only attack the plasticizer-containing polymer and use it as food, HDPE geomembrane is not affected by this.
6. Convenient construction, mature construction technology, high welding quality, weld strength higher than the strength of the parent material. The welds are in the form of monorail and double rail welds, and the double rail welds are easy to detect.
The geomembrane commonly used abroad also includes ultra-low density polyethylene ( VLDPE) geomembrane, composite geomembrane (such as HDPE geomembrane and bentonite composite, VLDPE and HDPE composite), etc. VLDPE geomembrane has strong adaptability to deformation and can be used for flexibility requirements. In addition to the advantages of composite materials, the composite geomembrane has the advantages of enhanced anti-penetration capability.

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