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Shanghai Rightway Environmental technology Co.,LTD. Shanghai Rightway Environmental technology Co.,LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in sales, construction, consulting and after-sales of various geomembrane materials. Our company has reached extensive cooperation with geomembrane manufacturers at home and abroad, and can provide customers with suitable economic geomembrane materials to meet the needs of various fields, mainly providing special composite geomembrane, rhinoceros strengthening geomembrane, HDPE anti- Infiltration of geomembrane, HUITEX geomembrane, anti-seepage PVC film anti-seepage PE film, geomembrane welding machine, geotechnical liner, leak detection equipment Texplor and other products. Our company has strong technical support, many doctors of geotechnical materials, experts and overseas returnees. The company also has close cooperation with Hohai University, various design institutes and various research institutes. The company has its own professional construction team and has the construction qualification of the anti-seepage industry.


Shanghai Rightway Environmental technology Co.,LTD.

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